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“Gina is rare among singers — she actually sings. She takes us on the journey of each song. It’s amazing she can be so many people in one evening. My wife and I were knocked out by her voice — rich chocolate with a pretty amazing range. Somewhere between Judy Garland and Barbara Streisand, but she can swing. It’s a voice that is so beautiful and chill, perfect for a foggy day. All I can say is, next time she is in town, make sure to catch her show.  

“I work with a lot of singers and Gina has something special. She has genuine charisma on stage. She knows how to sing the song, and tell a story; how to grab the audience and keep them — all the while, singing beautifully. She's an actor who sings her part with total commitment and passion. But — there's more. There's also a non-stop personality too. 

She can be witty and clever; sometimes she can be hysterically and spontaneously funny on stage — and then in the next minute, knock you over with a heart-wrenching ballad. Dangerous combination. My recommendation: Check her out! Try not to fall in love.” 
—Ellen Hoffman

“Gina Harris is best known as a jazz singer who chooses the less heard, musically complex and gorgeous tunes by great composers. And she has the chops to pull these songs off.”
—Anna de Leon
Anna’s Jazz Island

“I love Gina's voice. The first time she did a show at my club, she packed the place and really showed me what my club could be."
—Larry Metzker
The Triple Crown